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What my customers are saying

The following are unsolicited testimonials from people who have purchased my product.

Rest assured that my support does not end once you purchase. My staff and I are always just an eMail away and promptly answer your questions.

Note: All testimonials are reprinted with the permission of the person giving it. Testimonials were not altered in any manner, therefore you will find many grammatical mistakes. Last name, city and state are printed if known or given.

" Ben:
I just wanted to let you know that I recently got
back my three credit reports after sending out the form letter. Trans Union deleted my bankruptcy and 10 other items. Experian deleted 4 items and my BK and equifax deleted several items. This is very exciting."

Andy Rodican

I understand that each one of us have different situations and therefor my staff and I are always available to answer questions pertaining to your own situation.

" Not only have you help me remove things that should not be on my credit report but you might have even kept me from sending information and money to people who rip off other people everyday.
You have always responded in a timely manner and you seem to be sincere in wanting to help people. I had bad information taken off of my report the first time I sent out a letter to the Credit Bureaus."

Adena Corwin

The manual is simple to read and steps you through the process.

... Your ability to explain things (even the complicated ones) in an easy-to-understand format is great. I'm looking forward to getting started.....
.......Thanks for your help. Again, great book!"

Cheryl Lawrence
Principal Specialist

You will not get theories but hard and fast techniques used by attorneys charging $5,000 and more.

" ---no other book I have read has ever mentioned timing--while repairing my own credit, it took me about 3yrs to learn about far I have shown the ebook to about 5 of my best friends. We all love it. I have shown my friends how to repair their credit, yet there is so much they need to hear and know. This book has made it better for me to explain the process."

Carlos Herrera

" Hello Ben,
I wanted to report the latest on my credit repair. I have had three of the worst revolving credit accounts removed from my account. What a victory!!!."

...and this is the second eMail I received from Brent after giving him some suggestions on his particular situation..

" Just wanted to update you on the latest victory. I just completed round 2. I went ahead and contacted the Attorney General for the state of Ohio regarding the judgement against me. The judgement has been removed, along with two more derogatory items. I am pleased to say that my credit report is clean and back to where it should be. Thank you for your suggestions and your book. They worked just as you stated.
Thank You again,

Brent Ipock

"Ben I have to tell you that it really worked, this month I got Equifax clean and TU only one left, Experian I'm waiting for this month report but I think it will be also clean, not bad for a rookie.
Thank you Ben
NOTE : Those were the best invested $30.00 so far this year."

Reynaldo Marte

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. What do you have to loose?

" I just want you to know that all of my questionable credit that I disputed has been removed from my credit reports except for the one I am waiting for from Trans Union (the one I had a problem with). I only distputed 2 times and my Eqifax and my Experian credit reports show nothing but good stuff. Thank you so much for being there and helping me. Your book is great!!
Thanks again,
P.S. I have told several people about you and I hope they have as much luck as I have and that it happens as quickly. "

Adena Corwin

"I can't express to you how helpful and on point you are to me. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

Monique Patrick,
Elizabeth, New Jersey

1st letter: "hi ben,
first let me tell you this is the second time i've contacted you for advice, and i hope you respond as quickly and positivly this time as before. ok, i wasn't sure i believed the hype with your credit repair, so i only wrote to trans union to start. i am challenging 4 accounts with late payments, 2 paid collection accounts, and numerous inquiries. will you believe that with the very first round 1 collection account and 2 late payment accounts were removed."

Jeremy Gray,
Belleville, MI

2nd email: "... did i mention my credit score raised 67 points in the first round? you're the man."

Jeremy Gray,
Belleville, MI

... It has been 2 months now and I've had 4 items deleted off of my credit report which is amazing. The Bankruptcy still has not been removed yet and its 6 years old. I plan to wait and continue what my instructions are. I think this is a very good book. I wish I knew of this early on in life before I started to make payments and still it didn't improve my credit.
Thank you so much."

Stacey Hayes-Bogan,
Jackson, MS

1st eMail: ... Getting so much valuable info out of it and the forms are especially important."

2nd eMail: "Howdy to ya. Ben!
I've been using all your advice in the book--it's the best! Progress is being made and I'll keep you posted as I go along! Many,many thanks, Ben!."

Sheryl Curtis,

... Today, I have erased two, outstanding "bad debts" totalling almost 10 thousand dollars, from my report. They were not mine, but I did not know how to proceed. This, alone, will save me THOUSANDS in interest, and more importantly, will make me a "good person" again, in "their" eyes.

Please tell people what I learned within the past 24 hours:

1. Take Ben's advice.
2. Don't be overwhelmed. Arm yourself with Ben's example letters and his process steps.
3. Take one step at a time and be patient, but persevere.

Deb Burgett,
Howell, Michigan

"Hi Ben
I have a weird one for you. I was disputing a late charge on my equifax report for a radio shack card that I have, well I got back the results a couple of days ago and they actually took it off my credit report my score went up 100 points! Have you ever heard of that in one shot?"

Matt Alley,
Liverpool, NY

Good news!. I recently purchased a brand new 2003 cadillac CTS, My credit score was 655 and now my credit score according to GMAC was 688, just 12 short of 700 (my goal) . That was only one month! The sales person gave me a copy of there credit report. I am so happy!. I have not purchased a new car in 17 years. You know how hard it is to get credit at GMAC!. (wow). What a great system ben. You know, Ive been around red tape before, should have realized that there was a system to the credit B, like any other big system. Thanks again ben!. And thanks for sending those sample letters for removing "inq" to the creditors directly!
Ps. Feel free to use this letter as you please! ."

David Garcia,
Kansas City, MO

... I followed your advice and its working. My scores are going up! Several things have been removed."

Anthony Miller,
Philadelphia, PA

"I ordered your program many months back and it has helped a lot."

Deon Amey,

1st eMail: "Ben-- Thanks a million for your information. In ONE DAY I was able to remove $1250 in bad debts from my credit reports for $350.

2nd eMail: "Just to update you, by following your instructions to the letter, I have, in six weeks, eliminated 17 out of 22 negatives on my credit reports-- I now have zero negatives with TransUnion, zero negatives with Equifax and five left with Experian, which I am confidant will also be removed soon. what can I say? except thanks a million"

3rd eMail: HI BEN--
I just wanted to let you know that got my new TransUnion credit score today-- On March 1st was 639--Today, April 30, it's 742--thanks to you. ."

Pete Fedorenko,
Redondo Beach, CA

1st eMail: When I first started and ran my 3 bureau report on Dec. 27th. I was in shock at just how bad my credit was, to give you and idea was Equifax score was a 554…. I am currently on my third round, and getting ready for my 4th in a couple of weeks…. So far, I have got my Equifax score up to a 667… and my TransUnion is up to a 611, my Experian score is unavailable due to my disputes, but I am confident it is up in the mid six hundreds as well…… Also, I have been able to remove a lot of bad entries in each of the 3 bureaus reports…..."

2nd eMail: "Ben,
Again, thanks for the help, your book is a life saver, just ran my 3 bureau report again, Equifax is up 3 more points, and Transunion went up 13 more points. Also, got a letter from Chase that we extremely polite saying they received my letter from the Attorney Generals office, and will look into the matter immediately, hopefully this will get that one gone as well.
Any luck on the new book, I am dying to read this one to see what new info you have put together.
Again, that’s a million."

Bret DiMuzio,
Ft.Wright, KY

1st eMail: "I've told several people about your website and how helpful it is and how helpful you are. I certainly hope that spreading this positive word about your website and you pays off for you. You deserve it."

2nd eMail: "Ben,
Thanks for sharing your experience and insight. I know it will be extremely helpful to me."

Dolores White,
Palmdale, CA

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