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Dear Friend,

Is bad credit ruining your life and destroying your peace of mind?
Are you deep in debt and just can't see any way out?

Well, I KNOW just how you feel ...


.. because I've been there too!


My name is Ben Hanania

These are true stories from my own personal credit nightmare.

I had to finance a lemon of a used car at 24.9% interest rate!

Then I found out about secured credit cards. They promised to rebuild my credit (they just didn't tell me how long it would take). They took my money, deposited it in their account and lent it back to me at 23.99% interest!

After 3 years, I finally got an unsecured credit card with a $200 credit limit and guess what? 22.4% Interest! I was fed up! This was not working!

I then decided to buy these "fix your credit report" manuals. Most of them had good information and their "secrets" worked some of the time. I was able to remove some minor items, but not the important ones -- like my bankruptcy.

I then went to see a Law Firm that specialized in "Credit Repair". They wanted $2,250.00 to do it. "You must be joking," I said. So what did they know that I didn't already?

After several months and much trial and error, I finally discovered and documented the proper way to fix my credit report, and when I applied these few easy steps, I was able to finally fix my credit, get $42,000 in unsecured credit cards and a brand new $346,000 home with 100% financing ... in just 4 months!


I Went From Despair ...
... to Prosperity!

Over the past several years, I've made some important discoveries including credit repair software that have helped me to go from deep in debt to TEN TIMES my income -- and get healthier, happier, and more at peace while I was at it.

Even better is how my discoveries have affected every aspect of my life, including my relationship with my wife. I have more time to spend with my family, and my work efforts are FOCUSED and PRODUCTIVE.

I accomplished all of this without using any "get rich quick" schemes, trips to Las Vegas, or being lucky in the stock market (if anybody is lucky in the stock market these days!).

In fact, my discoveries are so powerful that they have changed me on the INSIDE, so that I am now in a position to help other people achieve the level of prosperity that I have achieved, and even go higher up the income scale.

The methods I have used are a system that I have developed, and my system is based upon principles that hold true, no matter what the economy looks like, and no matter how much money you have to start with. I'd like to share with you the story of how I discovered these important tools -- and how you can use them to identify your financial goals and then reach your goals as specifically as walking up to a target and sinking a bulls-eye right into the center with your arrow.

Best of all, your success in my system will affect every aspect of YOUR life in a more positive way.


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But first, I want to let you in on something:

I'm just an ordinary guy


I've read just about everything I can get my hands on regarding finances, money, balancing a budget, credit, and earning.

I've pretty much read it all ...

I've been to a lot of trainings and seminars too ...

I've purchased other peoples' investment products, get rich plans, and real estate projects. Oh -- and I've lost a LOT of money!

You might think I was going for the RECORD of trying and failing at plans.

And here's what I found:

Everything has information that can be useful to "some" people.

But some information -- if I trusted it -- would have left me in a WORSE financial position than I was before I bought their program!

Yes, you read that right!

Some things actually cost me FAR more money than they made me, even when I tried diligently to apply everything they told me to do.

One place offered to "solve" my credit problems for a fixed monthly fee. I paid a hefty charge -- and all it got me was a lower credit score!

One place gave me a beautiful looking book, but when I looked inside, the materials were incomplete and a lot of the sites weren't working. It was outdated.

I think I've tried just about everything, like I said.

Great ideas for SOME people, maybe, but not for me.

But their advice wasn't ALL bad...

Don't get me wrong here.

Just because the stuff I bought didn't get me out of my financial mess, I did learn a lot about what WOULDN'T work. And I started to do some searching on my own.

It's just that everything I tried had left out some "missing pieces" that prevented it from working for me "as-is."

I'm sure you can relate to what I'm talking about.


One day, about ten years ago, I was reading one of Stephen Covey's books (I think it was "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People") and I learned about the importance of "sharpening the saw."

This really struck a chord with me!

You see, it's kind of useless trying to saw down a tree if your blade is as dull as a butter knife. You can spend hours and hours trying to saw down the tree with a dull saw -- but it doesn't take long at all if you have the right saw and the blade is sharp.

I realized that I had been imagining my problem as being something outside of myself ... something that I could somehow get under control. If I could just keep that saw going ...

It was as if money was a "thing" -- and if I could just learn how to "control" it, I would magically get rid of all my financial problems and start to become wealthy.

I mean, think about the term "money management" for a minute.

The term implies that you can "manage money." Which, of course ... you CAN'T!

Money isn't really something that you can manage. People can be wealthy one minute and poor as a church mouse the next.

But ... we all get brains and ideas, and the same amount of time in our day.


So the KEY lies in creating VALUE for other people!

And the way we create VALUE for other people is by helping them in some way.


Think about it for a minute!


If I say "manage your money better," what do you think of first?

Making a budget, figuring out where you can cut corners, rice and beans, beans and rice, calling the credit card companies and begging for leniency, ...that kind of thing.

But if I say, "create VALUE for others," what do you think of first?

Right! ...

... You think about the kinds of service that bring a smile to peoples' faces

Because you've taken the time to "sharpen the saw."

You're not giving people a half-baked, incomplete idea. You're giving them VALUE that helps them to achieve their goals.


How I "Cracked the Code" to FINANCIAL FREEDOM...


A couple of years ago, I found myself in an interesting situation...

I had a "good" job, managerial responsibilities, and a LOT of opportunities.

But I also had poor credit, because I had overspent. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into a hole because the credit card companies were gouging me with astronomical interest charges! There was no way I could get a handle on finance with that kind of rock leaning on me.

I was working 60-80 hours a week, and was already beat when I got home.

There was no way out ...

... Or so I TOLD myself!

But here is what my financial situation actually looked like.

I would get up, go to work, bring home my paycheck, pay the minimum on my credit cards, and spend the rest (always getting a little deeper into debt every month).

Yeah, you guessed it ...

... keep sawing away with that dull old kitchen knife and see how fast the tree falls...

I felt like a beggar, hopelessly trying to get my credit score up so I could get a better interest rate on my credit cards.

I was sucked into a system and I had no idea how to get out of it.

Maybe you know the feeling. Or maybe you've seen people you care about getting sucked in.

Sound familiar?

What's worse, is that I felt like a hamster spinning his wheel -- all that energy and getting nowhere.

I'm talking "Pointless" here.

Money, or the lack thereof, was spilling over into every aspect of my life, squeezing the life out of me.

You know what that feels like, right?

On the occasions when a little extra would come our way -- tax refund, or a rebate check -- we were DESPERATE to get a break. So we'd blow it on clothes, a movie, dinner out (hey we deserved it!).

What do you do when you're desperate?

Exactly! ...

... Find any short term solution and go for it.

I couldn't relax ...

I couldn't work enough ...

I couldn't make a dent in my debt ...

I didn't even care ...

What could I do about it anyway?


I was "working" myself to death in a dead-end job, and getting deeper into debt!


I had to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, both personally and on my business.

I dove into deep depression (which believe me, didn't help the financial situation a bit).

How was I going to get out of this mess?

I needed a new paradigm -- and I needed one fast!

Fortunately, I happened to watch Donald Trump on TV one night. He talked about how at one time he was over $900 million in personal debt. He managed to recover and become a billionaire.

I can't remember the exact words, but he said something like, "I looked at the homeless person on the street and thought, 'He's 900 million dollars richer than me.'"

I started to realize I wasn't alone in my situation.

Big guys like Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Ross Perot, Larry King, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, H.J. Heinz, Francis Ford Coppola, had suffered major setbacks and/or bankruptcy and recovered --to come back bigger than ever!

THEY did it!

That got me started with a little ray of hope.

I went to see a law firm that specialized in credit repair.

They wanted $2,250 to do it! "You must be joking," I thought.

So what did they know that I didn't already? And why get somebody so much more into debt when they're already down?

I had to start from scratch ...

It took me 5 years and a lot of headache to get there! But ...

  • I discovered and documented the proper way to fix my credit report.
  • I fixed my credit
  • I was able to obtain $42,000 in unsecured credit cards (new)
  • I bought a brand new, $346,000 home with 100% financing just 4 months!

As I mentioned, when I decided to "rebuild" my credit, I was kind of a mess.

And not only in the financial arena ... my happiness and my health were feeling the effects as well. So you can imagine that when I decided it was time to get my credit on track, I had to come up with a new way.

And I started from scratch.

The first thing I did was to come to a "conscious realization" that if I didn't get my own credit under control and flourishing, then NOTHING I did would be the best I could do.

As a result, I began using the first hours of each day to get centered, and then to tackle the task of figuring out what I WANTED out of life.

It sounds counter-intuitive, with my recent bankruptcy staring me in the face, but this one change made a HUGE different INSTANTLY.

It was like riding in a big boat, looking ahead at the spectacular scenery before my eyes, instead of staring at the wake behind me while trying to steer the boat.

It might not sound like a big shift, but I can guarantee that when you try it yourself, you're going to experience a MASSIVE, empowering shift.

Next, I got out of the Dark Cloud
and into the Silver Lining ...




I started making new friends who were interested in my story.

They learned about my success and they wanted me to help THEM repair their credit.

I discovered that pretty much everyone out there in the world is struggling to make ends meet.

At first, I was happy to comply, but it got to be an almost full time endeavor. People I didn't even know were contacting me!

I believe this is one of the most dangerous traps we entrepreneurs face...not valuing the value we can provide enough for our efforts to reward us financially.

We spend a lot of time, money, and energy learning how to do something, and then we fail to realize how much actual benefit we are giving to another person by teaching them what we have learned!

A big mess.

I decided that I needed to keep my vision focused on my target -- my goals that I had set for myself.

I wanted to make my information affordable ... not like that law firm that had offered me less help for $2500.

So I designed a reasonably priced, totally complete system, and started helping folks to repair their credit.

Business boomed in just a few short months.


Then one day I received a call that stopped me dead in my tracks.

It was a client of mine, Kay. I had helped her to repair her credit. Now she wanted to start her own business helping friends and family to repair their credit, using my techniques and tools.

Duh ...

I realized what had been staring me in the face, but I just hadn't seen it!

I had created VALUE for my client Kay, and she was creating VALUE for her clients, and becoming wealthy in the process. And her clients were doing the same thing once they got out of the hole they were in.

The light went on in my head -- and it STAYED on!

It was the "Puzzle Piece" that made the entire puzzle make sense ...


As I mentioned before, I have studied a LOT of different financial programs.

And I really admire and respect the people who have put time and effort and energy into helping other people to become successful. Some of the insights I have gained from them have been very helpful.

But it was the idea that I could teach people to do what I had done, by providing them with a tool and technique to make it work, that finally brought me to where I am today.

Thanks, Kay!

Once I got this last puzzle piece in place, I was finally able to use the best techniques I had learned from the other systems, and everything was enhanced!

The result?

I started making LOTS of money, my relationship with my wife and children improved dramatically, I became more healthy and FAR more happy...ALL TOGETHER.

Because I've done it, I KNOW it's possible!

I found the GAME-CHANGER.

And because I've experienced it myself, I know it's actually EASIER to do this than it is to work my head off, spinning that little hamster wheel, sawing away at the tree with the kitchen knife.

You get the picture.

It really isn't worth it to be anxious and fatigued about financial issues. Because there's an answer.

And not only is it an answer --

-- it's the answer that can provide you with LOTS of added income of your own, besides getting you into the clear financially.


How my 5+ years of work and research --
and my big breakthrough --
can help YOU achieve the income,
success, and lifestyle that YOU want! ...



I have honestly wanted to help people for YEARS.

But I realized that I couldn't help people who were operating from an incorrect paradigm.

I had been making the same mistakes that got me into my financial mess. And it wasn't until I realized how to fix things that I could make the change ... "sharpen the saw."

Are you making the same mistakes?

Mistake #1: Assuming that your employer will bail you out

Mistake #2: Assuming the economy will turn around

Mistake #3: Assuming that creditors are going to be kind and understanding in regard to my financial problems


Wow. Was I ever gullible!

--- Your boss is worried about his or her OWN job ... not yours!

--- The economy is about as reliable as a teeter-totter. And,

--- Well, if you've ever tried to talk to someone from a credit card company,

You know what I'm talking about -- IT STINKS!

As part of my learning curve, I did a survey of some of my clients to discover what their biggest questions and needs were.

I can still remember the day that I had the BIG "Aha!"' ...

I had participated in a call with a group of my friends. We like to talk together, share ideas, and encourage each other in our goals.

As I recall, someone mentioned how we have to think about what the other folks NEED and WANT, not just what we have to offer.

I had a lot of information ... I had a great big book I'd written ... I had experience.

But I sat there on the phone and realized that what people were telling me was they wanted a WAY OUT -- not necessarily a big book.

So the biggest frustrations and challenges people are facing border around finances.

Once those are clear, folks can go on vacations, hire out the things they don't want to do, simplify their lives and free up time to really enjoy the things that matter -- like their loved ones.

That night, I had a hard time settling down to sleep. I thought a lot about the conversation, and what I could do to help.


An Idea that FORCED Me to Create the Ultimate
"Credit Repair Business" Training Program ...

It was obvious that almost EVERYONE was frustrated with money management...

So it hit me:

What if I created a "Credit Repair Biz" program that could ...

  1. Teach people how to repair their OWN credit; and
  2. Give them a business where they could make LOTS of money helping other people to repair THEIR credit?

I mean, everyone was asking for it. Why not just include it?

And that's how "Credit Repair Biz" was born.


An Idea That Got WAY Out of Hand...

At first, I was considering a series of teleseminars that shared some of my best ideas about money and credit repair. I was going to offer those classes as a bonus for my business.

But, as usual, when I started working on the CONTENT of the training, I realized that I had a LOT more to teach than would EVER fit in the teleseminars.

And the more I worked on the program, the more obvious it became that this material wasn't something that you learn "all at once." And it wasn't something you could master in just a few teleclasses.

Ultimately, this program became a step-by-step HUGE book, with high quality video trainings -- to be taken as a curriculum over a period of 90 days.

Of course, you can go through the course more quickly if you like.

But to really make things "stick," you have to follow the system.

If you know me, then you know that it's impossible for me to do anything halfway -- and this program is no exception!

I've now created what I consider to be the most powerful, in-depth, and GUARANTEED way to repair your credit and, at the same time increase your income, positive outlook, overall health and energy, and peace of mind ... right from the comfort of your own home ... that has ever been created.

Let me tell you about it...



The Credit Repair Biz Kit -- The Tool
That Will End Your Credit Problems AND
Provide You a Very LUCRATIVE Income ...

... For LIFE!


The Credit Repair Biz Kit goes far BEYOND traditional "money making" programs.

It provide you the knowledge you need to end your own credit problems, and then how to USE that knowledge to do the same for others while earning you a comfortable income for life!

Here's what you're going to learn in this program ...


I. You'll Learn How to Fix Your Broken Credit ...

... and Kiss Your Credit Problems "Goodbye"!

If you want the independence from what your credit report now shows, the ability to pay very little for credit, the prestige that comes from being credit worthy, the satisfaction and confidence that you will not be turned down for a loan, the Credit Repair Biz Kit will provide you the knowledge and the tools you'll need.

I'll teach you step-by-step how to use the tools and techniques in this Biz Kit to fix your Credit Report - even if you feel like you can’t write a complete sentence!

Now that's certainly a tall statement, but I'll show you how it's very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to repair your credit score (no matter how bad it is) in just a few weeks using the methods I'll teach you in the course.

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips & techniques this course will teach you

How to beat the credit bureau at their own game: 100% legal   

3 red flags that will get your dispute unresolved.

2 mistakes you should never do when dealing with the bureaus to fix your credit report.

An extremely powerful technique used by legal firms: you can too.

Best times of the year to dispute your credit report.

Why lenders jealously guard the credit score process.

Secrets of credit balancing: Why you should not consolidate all your debts into one.

The 7 easiest disputed items that are removed, including bankruptcies.

"48% of all (credit reports) contain inaccurate information"
Consumers Union

"The credit bureaus are for-profit and make billions of dollars each year"

"One out of every three (credit) reports contains errors"
Attorney General of New York

The 5 most difficult items and how to remove them!

What to say and not to say in your dispute letters!

Simple proven letters to use when disputing your credit entries.

Your Six Basic Rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act and what they mean to you!

I will show you all the jealously guarded secrets on how to outsmart creditors who are damaging our credit score!

What legal firms charge 1,000's of dollars to do for you.

One sure way to force the Credit Bureau to respond to your demands.

Instructions on how to repair your credit score and build near perfect credit.

What's easy and what's hard to do...and I'll make the hard stuff MUCH easier for you

What the difference is between Secured and Unsecured Debt, and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage

Unique and effective ways to build your credit, even if you've declared bankruptcy!

Step-by-step actions to create flawless credit

Remove negative credit information: repos, late payments, liens, charge offs, bankruptcies, judgments.

Learn the inside secrets: about credit bureaus, credit repair scams, legal firms and lenders.

Lower your monthly payments: without sacrificing comfort or your mode of living.

Fix your credit score: step by step information and resources on rebuilding your credit.

Order and read your credit reports from a lender's perspective: All the information you need to contact Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union the big three credit bureaus. This manual also includes detail explanations and tips on reading your credit reports.

Killer strategies no one else knows for ADVANCED credit repair

This information is priceless!


starting credit repair business


Good news!. I recently purchased a brand new 2003 cadillac CTS, My credit score was 655 and now my credit score according to GMAC was 688, just 12 short of 700 (my goal) . That was only one month! The sales person gave me a copy of there credit report. I am so happy!. I have not purchased a new car in 17 years. You know how hard it is to get credit at GMAC!. (wow). What a great system ben. You know, Ive been around red tape before, should have realized that there was a system to the credit B, like any other big system. Thanks again ben!. And thanks for sending those sample letters for removing "inq" to the creditors directly!
Ps. Feel free to use this letter as you please!"

David Garcia,
Kansas City, MO

"I've told several people about your website and how helpful it is and how helpful you are. I certainly hope that spreading this positive word about your website and you pays off for you. You deserve it."



When You Repair Your
Credit Score you can...

    Purchase the home, auto, or vacation of your dreams

    Obtain low interest on credit cards or premium financing

    Have a sense of Pride. You' won't feel like a second class citizen    anymore

    Qualify for discounts on home and auto insurance

    Enjoy the finest things in life...You'll have more money left by    paying less for interest

    Feel proud and never be afraid to fill out a credit application again    and be embarrassed with a "You've been DECLINED"

    Start or expand your business with low interest financing

    Qualify for student loans to return to school

    Enjoy the finest things in life....You'll have more money left by paying less for interest

    Take advantage of special financing options, only reserved to those with Great Credit

    ...and most of all.... Un-hook those shackles and get CREDIT FREEDOM....


II. You'll Learn How to Earn a Very
LUCRATIVE Income Repairing Credit

Once you're fixed your credit, you'll be able to save thousands ... even TENS of thousands ... of dollars you would have paid in higher interest fees.

Money that would have gone into your lender's pocket will now go into YOUR pocket ... to buy a bigger home, a new car, or take your "dream" vacation!


But why stop there?

The Credit Repair Biz Kit not only gives you the tools and the knowledge to fix your own credit and SAVE money ... it will also show you how to EARN money ... BIG Money!

You'll learn how to set up and run a business of your own ... and earn yourself a very LUCRATIVE income for life!

I'm going to walk you through a set of trainings and exercises that will teach you secrets of unlocking your potential and achieving greatness in your life and in your business...and you'll start your way on the STRAIGHT PATH to your dreams.

The Credit Repair Biz Kit gives you ALL the tools you
need to start and operate a lucrative Credit Repair Business!

Nothing is left out.


Your OWN Credit Repair Business ...

Can begin earning you money in a very short time

Can be started with very minimal investment

Can be run right from your home - say "goodbye" to long commute times and high gasoline bills

Is unaffected by recession

Fares even BETTER during economic downturns

Has a limitless market - 1 in every 3 - 4 American need credit help - that's 80 - 100 MILLION people!

Puts YOU in control of ...

  • HOW MUCH you want to work - you can work just a few hours a week and earn some extra "spending cash" ... or work full time and quit you present low paying, dead-end job!
  • HOW MUCH you make
  • WHAT HOURS you want to work
  • WHEN to give yourself a raise
  • WHERE you work - you can enjoy all the advantages of working right from home
  • Be your OWN BOSS!


"Yes Ben! I've "Had It" with bad credit. I'm ready to fix my credit and start earning some serious money!


I'll show you ...

A surefire marketing plan that produces instant results

Ready forms and contracts

How to be up and running within as little as 7 days

How to take advantage of tax breaks with your business

4 businesses you must go after that will provide you an abundance of clients month after month, to SKYROCKET your financial future

How to "steal" clients from law firms that charge $3,500 plus in fees

What you need to know to avoid scam artists

How to get started on a shoestring

How much to charge for your services

Where to get a credit report

How to read a credit report

A complete budget plan for your business that you can use immediately

How to get abundant lead sources

How to compete with the "big boys"

The tax savings you can achieve by incorporating, and how to do it

What to say to protect yourself from lawsuits

Proper wording to dispute errors in credit reports and get results

What are best times of the year to get the difficult items removed for your clients

The "BLUEPRINT" to assist you in marketing and advertising your business, along with making your business stand out from all others

How to utilize the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) to help your clients improve their credit

How to create a financial plan for your client (you can do it because you just did it for yourself!)

How to make your success "inevitable." A process for achieving results that takes you quantum leaps beyond old methods for credit repair.

How you can use this program to become FINANCIALLY FREE and ABUNDANT FOREVER, and use this program for lasting, permanent change.

starting credit repair business

"I recently purchased the credit repair biz kit and discovered a goldmine. My income went from $1000 a month to $2300 in just two months. And that figure is growing every time. I also get a chance to help people and to let them know that there is hope in this shrewd credit driven society. Thanks credit repair biz."


Hi Ben

I just wanted to say thank you for fulfilling my expectation with the credit repair biz package. I am very happy and excited to get the ball rolling in regards to my own business. I chose your product among other potential software for a number of reasons: 
Support service

  1. Marketing guidelines'
  2. Incorporation
  3. Contracts

These elements give me the tools I need to get started with my own business. 

Seffner, Florida
"... Also, i received that guy Dave's report back form Trans-Union with everything disputed deleted the 1st time around. The main thing i was really happy about was The bankruptcy. it was deleted. I'm very excited about this."

Kay Junior,


Hey, this really isn't "rocket science."

It's a proven, step-by-step system -- that gets results!

A friend of mine grew his business to $500,000 a year in just 17 months, repairing credit for his clients!


You'll also get ...

Your own CLIENT BOOKLET BROCHURE, a 12-page booklet that explains your services to your paid clients

MOTIVATIONAL TOOLS to help you "get the ball rolling" and keep it going

Video coaching sessions to visually demonstrate the "nuts & bolts" how to fix credit

I'll even provide you with TEMPLATES and FORMS, LETTERS and CONTRACTS to make it easier for you.

Templates of already-created COPY so you can literally just copy and paste into your own documents

A DVD to demonstrate to your clients what you do for them ... and why they need YOUR services

How to Maximize your PROFITS



Hey! It's ALL here. Nothing has been left out.


CLICK HERE to see what's in the Biz Kit


The Most Important Question: Is This Program Right for YOU?

This program might be right for you, and it might not be.

By now, you've probably started to get a sense of whether or not this program can help you get what you want, give you a fresh start, solve your credit problems, and solve your money problems and provide you with a booming business for life.

If it's right for you, that's great.

If not, that's OK, too.


Who This Program is Designed to Help MOST

As I mentioned, I've created this program to help a few very specific types of people.

If you're one of these types, then I highly recommend that you consider investing in your own Credit Repair Biz.

Let me explain who will get the MOST from this program...


1) People who are willing to take ACTION to end their credit troubles

Bad credit leaves most people in a state of despair. And unfortunately, most of them fall into the emotional "trap" of believing there's no way out!

And so they just go day-to-day feeling hopeless ... and helpless ... to do anything about their desperate state.

But if you suffer from bad credit your situation is NOT hopeless ... NOT AT ALL!

The Credit Repair Biz Kit will give you the tools you need to end your credit problems, once and for all!

But the "Action" part has to come from YOU.


2) Those who are able to look at adversity ... and see OPPORTUNITY ... and Follow PROVEN Directions to Success

Listen, I'm just an ordinary guy! My credit and financial situation left me in a state of despair that I (at the time) saw no way out of.

But by learning how to fix my bad credit, and then seeing BEYOND the benefits of having good credit, I was able not only to pull myself out of despair ... but to achieve the life I always wanted. A life filled with health, happiness, peace, prosperity ... and hope!

Whatever else you do, understand this ... If I did it, SO CAN YOU!

Working your own business will create an amazing opportunity for you. You can start your own businesses and succeed on our own terms.


3) People Who Want to GIVE Back to the World and Provide Value as
They Earn Income

The great thing about helping people with their credit woes is that you have a big opportunity to increase your income by providing VALUE.

Once you've taken action to put an end to the nightmare of bad credit, you'll be in a unique position to help those who are suffering just as you were. Wouldn't you love to use your knowledge and skills to help others out of their financial despair?

If you find yourself saying "That sounds like me!" then this program will be VERY valuable to you.

In fact, I believe that it will wow you with methods and tools that will ROCKET you to a new level of success in your life.


So, is This Program for YOU?




starting credit repair business
"I purchased the credit biz kit 6 months ago and I don't regret the step I took. First of all, I have accomplished financial independence, profiting approx. $2k to $3k a month, without advertisement nor any other promotional means, all is done by referrals of financial institutions and my customers themselves.

Second, there is no greater feeling to see people gain back their buying power and starting over their financial lifestyle. In the kit you'll find everything need 2 start from jump your credit clinic and it's a great investment to make, having it return to you as profit with your first customer within a day or two of reading the manual. I even have major credit repair agencies asking me for some insight on how I successfully delete problem accounts they don't find easy to erase. This has taught me how to change many peoples tests into testimonies. Keep up the good work, Ben."

Israel Cátala,
Puerto Rico


Who the program is NOT for:

Even though this program can literally help anyone become more productive, I don't recommend that you invest in it if you are either:

1) Someone who is satisfied with their current financial situation.

If you have perfect credit and like your current income, your current job, then you should probably "pass" on this program. This program is so dramatically different from other systems that it will probably not be something you're going to enjoy.

2) Someone who wants instant, easy results.

In this program, I'm going to teach you several techniques that are going to work VERY quickly. But you will not achieve exemplary credit tomorrow, and it will probably take you a full 90 days to actually EARN a significant amount of money repairing credit.

While I think this is great, some people don't like the idea of investing this much time. If you are one of those people who need money YESTERDAY, then this business opportunity is probably not for you.

3) Someone who isn't "open to training."

If there's one thing that will prevent this material from working, it's an attitude of "I already know this stuff," or "I want to watch and analyze everything before I take ACTION."

This program is NOT for someone who is "closed" and not willing to JUMP IN with both feet. I know this material works to end your credit problems, and to increase your income on a dramatic level -- but you need to be OPEN to the materials and follow the steps if you're going to get the biggest benefits and results from the program.

Bottom line: If you're satisfied with your current economic situation and income levels...if you're looking for perfect credit and an easy buck without any kind of effort on your part ... or if you're not open to training ... then don't register for this program. It's probably not right for you.


Limited Time - while supplies last
You'll also get these Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Renegade Direct Mail Secrets CDs. - SOLD OUT
  • Bonus 2: Ongoing coaching series calls (Marketing call - The Business call- How-to call - FAQ call - Pitfalls call - Building Business credit call - Outsourcing and Arbitrage call, Incorporating yourself on the cheap call and more). You will have access to the recordings and you can listen to them over and over on your favorite MP3 player.
  • Bonus 3: 90 minute Interview on "The Wealth Attraction Formula" even if you can't attract a fly, with author Mynders Glover. Learn the steps and get the wheel visualization method. Download to your favorite mp3 player.
  • Bonus 4: Incorporating your business. You will get "need-to-know" information and resources to incorporate your business for pennies on the dollar. Don't pay $600 to incorporate. You can easily do it yourself.
  • Bonus 5: Unlimited 90 days Phone and eMail support. Your safety net is just a call or eMail away. You will get personal answers and FREE consulting for a full 90 days.
  • Bonus 6: Lifetime updates. As long as you own your kit you will receive updates for free. Updates are released after new techniques are successfully tested. Updates are also released when new laws go into effect.
  • Bonus 7: "Special Member" Membership. Be part of the growing community of your peers in the business. Share ideas, get advice, find joint venture deals, stay informed up to the minute. Membership SITE CLOSED. New Membership site is available through the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) With your original investment in the kit, you will receive a 30 day FREE Trial to the organization where you can test drive their proprietary Credit Repair & Management Software + articles, audio, video and more to help grow your business. After the trial, your Biz kit owner special subscription fee of $39.95 can be cancelled at any time.

    More Information Here

  • Bonus 8: "Who to sue and for how much" report. You will learn which creditors or collectors to sue and under which law statute. You will use this guide to get Creditors, Credit Bureaus and Collectors to comply with your demands and get results.
  • Bonus 9: "$25 attorney coupon" - You receive a consultation with an attorney experienced in the applicable laws of your state. He will review your state law and contract. The attorney has only authorized a small quantity of rebate coupons, and we have VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT. Your cost is $25 for the review.
  • Bonus 10: "Take a Break" Certificate - FREE 3 Day / 2 Night Family Vacation at one of 500 Exciting Locations (a limited time offer) NOTE: There will be no timeshare presentation or sales pitch of ANY KIND!
  • Bonus 11: Monthly Q & A calls - Every Month I will hold a Q&A section where you can submit your questions or issues. Also, if you are having troubles in specific areas, we can discuss them as well on the call. It's an open forum to discuss whatever you'd like.



starting credit repair business
"I just want to say that the Credit Repaiz Biz program is awesome and worth every dime. I worked for several years with a locally owned credit repair company, and I’ve learned more in one week with your program, than I did the whole time I was employed there. I have experienced first hand how profitable of a business it is, because the company I worked for has been in business about 12 years. I look forward to applying your techniques, expertise and skills in my own business."

Yvonne P.
Aurora, CO
"When I opened the box to see my new Credit Repair Business Kit, I felt like it was my birthday! As I began to watch the DVDs, listen to the training, and read the material, I was thrilled. This IS the best system I have ever seen for making a lot of money, while helping myself and helping other people. I don't have to have any special talent, I just have to be willing to learn and follow the steps. And even more exciting to me, I can do it at home in my spare time. You have answered every possible question in the materials. What an amazing opportunity! Thank you so much."

Cleveland, Ohio



The Investment for Credit Repair Biz

The total investment for the Credit Repair Biz Kit is $397 (+ $19 S/H)



100% Money Back Guarantee



I personally guarantee that if, at any time within 90 days (that's 3 months), you're not completely satisfied with "Your Own Credit Repair Biz 2.0", just return the Biz Kit in good condition and I'll personally refund everything you've paid up to that point, including the original shipping charges, and we'll part as friends. Fair enough?

Remember, you can write off the cost of this kit as a startup business expense!


AND ...

I Have a Surprise for You:

To further insure your success I have a special arrangement with the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA).

The ECRA is an organization of Credit Repair Professionals whose goal is to self-regulate the credit repair industry, to help protect the public from "scam artists" masquerading as credit repair professionals, and to protect it's members from the cloud of suspicion that results from the actions of those dishonest individuals.

It's kind of a "Better Business Bureau" of the Credit Repair Profession.

When you purchase the Credit Repair Biz Kit you'll also get a 1 month FREE TRIAL membership in the ECRA. After 30 days (if you continue your subscription) you'll be billed just $39.95 a month -- a 33% discount off the price charged the public -- and you'll retain that discount LOCKED IN for a long as you remain a member!

But don't worry!

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you wish, you can cancel before the end of the 30 day trial period, and you won't be billed a cent.


But I strongly recommend that you do NOT cancel, for some very good reasons ...

First of all, the lifetime discount is only available to my Biz Kit clients. As long as you remain a member, you'll retain your 33% discount. More Information Here

As an ECRA member you'll be listed on the ECRA "Public" website as a Member in Good Standing - your potential clients will know that you're a reputable business person in whom they can safely place their trust in your services

You'll be sent an official "ECRA Members Certificate" with your name (or company name) to display to your clients

You'll be able to place the "ECRA Member Logo" on your business cards, letterhead, advertising materials etc. -- wherever you wish

You'll have online access to the ECRA "Credit Repair and Client Management software - that will enable to keep track of your efforts, manage clients, and generate dispute letters with the click of a button, thus STREAMLINING the process of credit repair - whether you're repairing your OWN credit, or a CLIENT'S.



For a very limited time you can ...

The Credit Repair Biz Kit

for a One Time Payment of $397 (Plus $19 S/H)

I'll send you the Biz Kit to examine for a full 90 days!


This is a very LIMITED TIME OFFER!

The price of the Credit Repair Biz Kit is subject to change at any time. I don't know exactly when that will be. It could be next week, next month, or next year... or it could be tomorrow!

But if you're really serious about changing your life - and the lives of others - for the better, there's NO REASON to wait. Remember, you get a 90 day money back guarantee, so you take NO risk!

So GET IT NOW! ... while it is still available at this price.


starting credit repair business
"I have reviewed the Cr Biz kit 2.0 and find it to be AWESOME! The information that is included in the kit it very informative and comprehensible. It even includes information on how to start your own business. The instructions are easy to comprehend and straight to the point. I love the insert about "Who you can sue and for how much"! Also, the illustrations and the coloring are helpful. Again, the only word that I can use to describe this Cr Biz kit 2.0 is......AWESOME! Thanks to you and Ben for your research and your indulgence in creating this wonderful program.


Georgia Foster
Weslaco, Texas
"I must thank you for taking the time to respond to my many questions. It has been very frustrating dealing with a not so perfect credit report, and you have given me some hope."




So - to Recap ...

Order the Credit Repair Biz Kit for a One-Time Payment of $397 + $19 Shipping & Handling

Take a full 90 days to examine the program, read the manual, watch the CDs etc.

Get all the FREE BONUSES listed above (While they last!)

Get a 30 day FREE trial Membership in the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA)

Become eligible for a LIFETIME discount ECRA membership

You'll get a FULL 90 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - including the $19 shipping charge
               If anytime within 90 days (3 months) you decide the Credit Repair Biz Kit is not everything you had                expected, just return it in good condition and I'll personally refund ALL your money.


"Yes Ben! I can't wait to get started. Send me the Biz Kit NOW!

So Hey ...

How Can You Possibly Lose?


I mean, think about it ...

Your Risk? -- Nothing ... Zero ... Zip ...
Your Potential Gain? -- The Life of You Dreams!


Aren't you tired of suffering with bad credit?

Haven't you had enough of being turned down for loans? Being charged sky-high interest rates? Working day after day, struggling just to get your bills paid - if that?

May I ask a favor of you? Please -- would you take just a moment -- right now -- to ask yourself ...


"A year from today -- will I be better off than I am now?"

  • "Will I be enjoying the good credit I need -- to get that dream home, a new car -- and to get back my peace of mind and live a stress-free life? OR ..

    .... will I still be where I am -- right now -- struggling day after day with bad credit?"

  • "Will I be living the life I've always wanted? OR ...

    ... will I still be working the same old job, for the same old boss, going through the same old grind, and dealing with all the same old problems as I am now?"

  • "Will I be even ONE SMALL STEP closer to a better life? OR ...

    ... will I still be stuck in the same old rut -- not one whit better off than I was a year earlier?

  • "Will I spend the rest of my life just watching from the sidelines, while OTHER PEOPLE enjoy all those things I wish I could have ... while I work day after day, month after month ... and year after year ... with no hope of ever having a better life?"



Please believe me -- it doesn't have to be that way! -- I KNOW --



starting credit repair business

"I can't express to you how helpful and on point you are to me. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

Monique Patrick,
Elizabeth, New Jersey

"I did receive my kit and it came super fast, thank you! I thoroughly love the way it is put together, just great. I have learned some things I didn't know and it will make a huge difference in offering quality services to my clients. I was soo excited, I read the manual in two days!!... Thank you for providing me with such great tools, I feel very confident about proceeding asap! "

Alexis Jones
Sacramento, CA


The Credit Repair Business is THE KEY to ending your money problems and unlocking the life of wealth and financial freedom you've always wanted. For $397 + $19 shipping/handling fee you can get started right now on the road to fixing your credit AND earning thousands of dollars a month, being your own boss, and living the life you know you want ... and deserve!

You get a 90 day full money back guarantee, so how can you possibly lose?


Do you really want to spend the rest of you life in the same bind you're in right now? If you want a better life, you've GOT to take ACTION!

And if not NOW ...

... then WHEN?

Official PayPal Seal


Don't wait another minute!

That yellow button below is your DOORWAY to a better life ...

Let RIGHT NOW be your "life changing moment"!





To your success!


P.S. Just to make this decision a no-brainer for you, I've decided to go all out! While they last, I'm offering 11 incredible bonuses worth over $3,300 that include ongoing coaching calls, lifetime updates, attorney coupon, and lots, lots more. View List

P.P.S. While my offer lasts I'll send you the biz kit for $397 + S/H. I reserver the right to raise the price at any time, so act NOW. I may end this offer very soon!

P.P.P.S. In addition to The Biz Kit and all the Bonuses worth over $3300, if you act quickly, you'll also get a 1 month free trial and eligibility for a LIFETIME DISCOUNT Membership in the Ethical Credit Repair Alliance - $20/month off the regular subscription fee, a $240/year value (Click for Details)


starting credit repair business

"Thank you for responding Ben,
I still need you. Your the only reason I am still doing this business. so I cant thank you enough and your product was well worth it. I am now licensed to do mortgage from the people I am renting an office from. I am getting plenty of clients through the credit business. I don't feel like a house wife anymore. My husband is amazed. so thank you, thank you, thank you."

Melissa Plaisance
Marrero, LA

"I received my Credit Repair Biz Kit and am amazed at the amount of information and tools it contained.

The quick start guide is great because it tells you what you need to read and do each day for 1 week to get up and running quickly. The manual is very well laid out and is full of information you need to start your business. Plus they give you all the forms, letters and marketing tools you need to make starting your business as painless as possible. The tools module has lots of extras such as budgeting and family planning software that you can share with your clients.

There has obviously been a great deal of thought and planning that went into developing this kit. It is well worth the money and I can't wait to pull my first report and get started! Thanks for such a great deal!"



AND with a 90 day full money back guarantee ...

There's Simply NO WAY You Can Lose!





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